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Lenogize energy powder is made up of unique blend of important vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, natural caffeine, and other energy boosting giving ingredients. Formulated to increase focus and boost metabolism, Lenogize was developed with a variety of natural ingredients that include; Himalayan salt, Creatine, BCAA 2:1:1 Amino acids, Electrolytes, Caffeine, and a blend of vitamins and minerals. Here we will explore the benefits of each ingredient that makes Lenogize suitable for a wide range of people from the casual trainers to athletes.

Himalayan salt is ideal for the detoxification of the body by balancing pH levels in out body to its optimum levels. The salt also provides trace minerals that increase osmolality of blood, improving hydration of cells in our bodies reducing muscle cramps improving longevity and enhancing performance. Pure Himalayan salt in Lenogize helps with balancing blood sugar reducing the fatigue and exhaustion.

Creatine is an essential natural supplement for athletes and body builders for its muscle building properties. Creatine helps promotes the muscle cells to produce more energy in the form of ATP which can be broken down during muscle activity. The Creatine found in Lenogize stimulates Muscle growth helping body builders increase muscle mass. Creatine also improves brain function helping with performing difficult tasks and reducing psychological fatigue and tiredness.

Amino acids are building blocks of proteins in the body. Branched – Chained Amino Acids are a type of amino acids that are responsible for several activities in the body. For instance, reducing exercise fatigue improving endurance. BCAA2:1:1 amino acid tends to reduce in blood during intense exercise while, on the other hand, this increases the level of essential amino acid in the brain. Lenogize amino acids also stimulate protein synthesis which tends to improve muscle growth.

Caffeine is a natural stimulant that increases adrenaline levels in the blood making our brains more alert and physically strong. Caffeine is also a natural Anti-oxidant essential for ridding the body of free radicals that cause poor health. The Caffeine in Lenogize is extracted form Arabica coffee, known to stimulates the brain to be relaxed and calm, reducing stress especially in demanding activities such as exercising.

Electrolytes are made up sodium, potassium, calcium, and chloride. The electrolytes in Lenogize assist in the contraction of muscles enhancing performance. Potassium enhances the contraction of the heart which improves circulation in the body, improving blood circulation, and replenishing vital nutrients to every part of the body.

Minerals are vital to the digestive system promoting natural removal of toxins from diet. Mineral blends found in Lenogize also promote restful sleep improving mental functions.

Vitamins are vital for supporting our bodies health. The Blend of vitamins found in Lenogize can reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, and Certain Cancers supporting a healthy immune system.

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